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1-2-3 Sauce is a sauce manufacturing company that at the same time offers consulting services on food preparation techniques. We manufactured unique and exotic Asian sauces and we provide preparation techniques for each of our sauces. The idea is provide our customers (restaurants, hotels, hotel & casino resorts, and anyone enjoying Asian cuisines) with true food preparation efficiencies and taste consistencies.

We cater popular tastes from countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, India, and Malaysia. Our sauces are made “ready to-taste”. What this means that there is no need to add any ingredients when used. We offer sauces for dipping, marinating, BBQ, and stir-frying

Cooking exotic Asian dishes is simple when you use our sauces and techniques. Our mission is to provide our customers with sauces and techniques that take away the complexity in cooking Oriental dishes.

Cooking with 1-2-3 Sauce is easy:

Just Remember 3 Things when you cook:

        1. The Sauce

        2. The Meat or Seafood

        3. A Vegetable or green that goes with the dish


Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 650-533-5221. Our staffs are true professionals in their trades and will do all they can to assist you. Together we will create wonderful, tasty, and attractive Oriental dishes.





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