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Introducing our New Product: Caramelized Mini Orange®

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What is a Mini Orange?

   We call it "Mini Orange" - the real name is "Kumquat". The Scientific Specifications: Kumquats belong to the genus Fortunella of the family Rutaceae. The round kumquat is classified as Fortunella Japonica and the oval kumquat as Fortunella Margarita.

   The Kumquat resembles much of an orange. The fruit is about the size of a large olive and similar in shape. In fact, we call it mini orange because when bitten into the flesh, one can taste the intense, deep fragrance of the essential oils. Furthermore, the taste has hints of orange, orange blossom, bergamot, and lime.

The Kumquat tree is a native to eastern Asia. The tree is small, the branches have deep-green glossy leaves and in the spring bears orange like flowers. In United States we can find these trees in Southern California and Florida.

   In Asian culture, Kumquat trees bearing fruits represent symbols for gold and good fortune and during Lunar New Year they are sold in every Asian supermarkets. People buy these to give away as "good luck" gifts.

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