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Anh Hong Restaurant

Authentic Vietnamese

Cooking exotic Asian dishes is simple when you use our sauces and techniques. Our mission is to provide our customers with sauces and food preparation techniques that take away the complexity in cooking Oriental dishes.

Quick, Easy and Economical - The 1-2-3 Sauce Concept
 Just Remember 3 Things When You Cook a Dish

           1.  The Sauce,

           2.  The Meat or Seafood, and a

           3.  Particular Vegetables or Greens

Cooking with our sauces makes your dishes shine!  With our quick 3-step process, we've cut down the preparation and cooking time for you.  The sauces are economical for every budgets.


Restaurant Owners: No Need to hire additional staff or make adjustments to your kitchen set-up!

  • We have a great variety of sauces for the preparation of many dishes. In fact, one sauce can complement a wide array of dishes, augment and spice-up your marinades, and add that special zest to your culinary masterpieces from stovetop to tabletop in minutes!

  • Our sauces are ready to-taste and ready to use. Our preparation techniques are effective, efficient and fast.

  • You will taste consistency in the dishes you serve.

  • Our sauces are made of premium ingredients and spices to preserve the quality, exoticness and authenticity of a Asian dish.

  • Our prices are competitive which in turn will create good return on your sauces investment.

Healthy and Delicious!
The best of all, at, we offer fresh and high-quality sauces with an emphasis in providing your family with delicious tastes and healthy and nutritious meals.


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