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1-2-3 Sauce is a sauce company that specializes in the manufacturing of quality "dish-specific",
"ready-to-taste" Vietnamese sauces. Our Sauces offer distinct flavors and high premium ingredients of herbs and spices. Our product line offers an array of tastes, textures, colors and aromas that are uniquely Vietnamese. 1-2-3 Sauce offers cooking and preparation techniques that uses these sauces to produce finished products that are authentic in its Vietnamese culinary taste. Anyone using our sauce in combination with our cooking and food preparation techniques will not only find intensely flavored dishes, but they will also find that our sauces and techniques together take away the complexity in cooking unique and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Prepare food as shown. Fry prawns in hot pan with oil. Add onions, Kho To Sauce and sautee.
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Just Remember 3 Things When You Cook a Dish
   1. The Sauce,
   2. The Meat or Seafood, and a
   3. Particular Vegetables or Greens

By just remember the basic concept of 1-2-3 as in: One, our sauce; Two, a meat or seafood; and Three, a particular vegetable or green that goes well with the dish, anyone can easily, consistently and effectively prepare authentic, exotic Vietnamese dishes.


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