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One of the compliments to traditional Vietnamese cooking is Kho To Sauce. This sauce has many applications. You can stir-fry or stew with it. Furthermore, you can prepare pork, chicken, prawns, and a variety of fishes with it.  With regard to seafood, Kho To Sauce along with sea bass, catfish, or salmon are particularly good when you stew them in the clay pot.


Preparation Steps

First stir fry about three(3) jumbo prawns in a saucepan for approximately 2-3 minutes.

Add the Kho To Sauce to the saucepan and bring the entire contents to simmering. Make sure the sauce cover the all of the shrimps.

Finally, add a particular vegetable of your preference. You are
done. Cooking with 123 Sauce is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Serving size: 4

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